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Portfolio MY LAB
About ME
Excellent communication, talented, very easy to work with, and nice guy. I can recommend for other people who wish to hire a web developer.
Tim Allardyce director at Surrey Physio testimonial for Andriy DiduhTim Allardyce Director at Surrey Physio

It's Me

I specialize in front-end work of high complexity for web services and products. Have experience in back-end and DataBases. For me, skills of good communication and strong work ethics are necessary for project success.

I build software from the ground up, from start to finish, with specific strength in UI. Always support my team and push the project forward ahead of the competition, that's where I put my 100% effort.

  • I worked for more than 3 years in an agile team in a professional environment
  • I know how to build a smooth single-page app from the ground up e.g. React
  • I’m comfortable building prototypes to help explore or validate new propositions
  • I enjoy to co-create and design concepts together with designers and clients
  • I strongly believe front-end and back-end code needs to be effectively tested

Relevant Skills


  • React web-application development
  • TypeScript and JavaScript programming
  • Data visualization using React, JavaScript + D3.js, TypeScript
  • REST API and GraphQL API integration
  • Web development utilizing Node.js with Webpack
  • Data structures and algorithms ( data ordering and search )


  • PHP and JavaScript Node.js runtime programming
  • Google Cloud Firebase Functions development
  • Web development utilizing Node.js as a runtime environment
  • Database design, management of MySQL and MongoDB
  • NGINX / Apache server installation, tunning, and administration
  • Server setup based on CentOS and Ubuntu Linux

DevOps, misc

  • Agile software development principles and practices
  • Software testing and quality assurance
  • Deployment to AWS instances
  • Work in GIT version control with GitHub and BitBucket
  • Deployment and testing with CircleCI
  • Development planning by Scrum and Kanban via JIRA and Trello