My technical skills table

In 2010 I began to work on Web Software projects, since then I got a decent number of skills and solid practical experience in Front-End, Back-End development.

I worked in tech Startups by developing UI for SaaS in full. And delivered complete projects, such as prototypes for eCommerce, social networks, and medical web apps.

Includes only items related to my Web development work

Skill list → software development work

+ Languages I knowTypeScriptECMAScript 6 ( ES6 ) + ( ES5 )JavaScriptsame ECMAScript 6 ( ES6 ) + ( ES5 )PHPfor Back-End from scratch and integration work with Laravel, Codeigniter etc. frameworks
+ TS/JS frameworks and librariesREACTmain power technology to build complex User InterfacesAngularI have some experience with small demo on Angular CLI
+ JS librariesjQuery+ active use of AJAX
+ APP state managementFluxthe React pattern for fragmented state managementReduxfor centralized state management
+ Cloud services & ServerlessAWSAmazon Web Services used for product demo onlineFirebasework with Google Functions
+ Application Programming Interface [API]REST APImost experience for interaction with Back-EndGraphQL APIfor interaction with Back-End
+ Styling, libraries, frameworks, preprocessorsCSS3standard stylingSCSSpreprocessor for more complex style nesting + SCSS variables and mixins → this website use SCSSGrid and Flexboxto organize containers via CSS (SCSS) in automated order → this website actively use CSS GridBootstrapfor "lazy UI" development when design on 5th placeBulmafor base website structure
+ LayoutHTML5and work with Canvas
+ Quick Start kitsGatsbyfor static pages generation with React + TypeScript → Tech Stack this website is built on
+ Bundler for project compilingWebpackfor code compiling with bundling of all modules and settings used in project build
+ Database WorkMySQLwith SQL queriesMongoDBwork with JavaScript in Node.js environment
+ Server and run environmentNode.jsfor Front-End project development and Back-End server developmentNginxperformance server for web APP/ websiteApacheserver for web APP/ website
+ Version control with GIT online repositoryBitBucketGitHub
+ Content Management SystemsMagentofor ecommerceElggsocial network / service projectsWordPressused for research and test project buildsJoomlain older days used this for general purpose projectsDrupalused this on projects as higher grade CMS compared to JoomlaSocialEngine CMSfor social network projectsDolphin CMSfor social network projects
+ Graphics workGimpediting of images and design mockupsInkScape for SVGcreating and editing ( logo and icons work )
Andriy Diduh

Hello, I’m Andriy a SaaS software engineer in Europe, specializing in bespoke software development from the ground up and technical problem-solving.
I build new and update legacy software to help your business!

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