Which tech stack do I use?

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Best tech stack by Andriy Diduh

List of main tech in use

Preferred front-end stack

  • Layout HTML5
  • Framework React + Flux pattern or Redux + Redux Saga or Redux Thunk
  • Styles SCSS + Bootstrap or Bulma
  • Language TypeScript or JavaScript / ES6
  • The work environment in the browser or server-side Node.js
  • Connect to back-end primarily via REST

I follow currently the best standards in the industry and always open to learning new.
You might prefer older Angular or simpler Vue, they both do a similar job to React.

Main tech in use

Strong back-end stack

  • Server Nginx or Apache
  • Environment Node.js
  • Language TypeScript or JavaScript
  • Connect to Front-End primarily via REST API
  • DataBase MySQL or MongoDB (others like MariaDB or PostgreSQL are welcomed)

I can use PHP and Laravel/Symfony/CodeIgniter frameworks as back-end, but keep in mind that PHP is an older less flexible language that may slow down the development process (I've done a lot of work with PHP mostly in older projects).

Good idea to use Python with Django framework as back-end (if you don't want to rely on Node.js), to my knowledge startups are using that tech stack pretty successfully.

Andriy Diduh

Hello, I’m Andriy a SaaS software engineer in Europe, specializing in bespoke software development from the ground up and technical problem-solving.
I build new and update legacy software to help your business!

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