Research, demos
& test projects.

Here I post my personal and shared client projects,
take a look around, something may catch your eye.

All projects here are built from the ground up by me!

Booking App - Online Booking service

Booking service prototype APP

Booking App is my exercise just to try new frameworks and to keep skills hot. No CMS and no templates were used, all done from scratch by me.

→ Complete front-end development.
→ The User Interface is built completely from scratch.
→ Connect to back-end via REST API.
→ Back-end based on Firebase functions.

RehabMyPatient - website for SAAS

Prototype for UK based business

By agreement I can experiment with this code in My LAB, also please visit the official RehabMyPatient website.

The website describes the SaaS product for composing of rehab exercise prescription documents.

→ Front-end development from scratch.
→ Ideas and complete design of the user interface.